My name is Othene Cole.  I love to reimagine and restyle cast-away glass and other objects creating functional, decorative pieces from my shed in the foothills, east-north-east of Adelaide.

From a young age, I was compelled to create beautiful things and style spaces with what I had around me. For the love of beautiful spaces, I completed my studies in Interior Design and Home Staging.  Whether I'm rearranging my home spaces or learning a new skill; reshaping and styling the old has been the foundation upon which I established the Treehouse Craft Shed.


Today I work from my shed alongside my husband who's wealth of knowledge and patience brings my vision to life.  We seek out cast-away materials in the form of glass bottles, jars, timber rafters, fallen trees, metal, wire, marble, concrete, and stone.  We cut, grind, polish and intertwine textures, materials, and a great deal of creative thinking; to transform the rough into works of art. 

Each piece of artwork is created digitally and transferred to our objects as stencils.  We then complete the process by sand-etching the artwork onto the object.  This process is known as decorative sandblasting.

My artwork is inspired by my leafy surroundings, and many a road trip across the plains of Australia where I have captured the beauty of native fauna, flora, wildlife, silhouettes, shadows, and shapes.  Each of our pieces are simply unique, timeless, and exudes soft statements for any space.

We pride ourselves in having a small part in reducing landfill waste across South Australia.

Our Earth will thank you when you rehome one of our Reimagined Pieces.

O COLE 2020.jpg