• Our 350 ml Tumblers have been reimagined from an assortment of Wine Bottles and Sauce Jars.  Each piece has been designed, cut, beveled and, polished by Treehouse Craft Shed.  No two pieces are the same making each piece unique and one of a kind.


    Our Earth will thank you when you rehome one of our unique handcrafted pieces.


    • Our products are gift-boxed in recycled cardboard.  Product boxes have been custom designed, cut, and assembled by Treehouse Craft Shed.

      • Materials : Upcycled Glass 
      • Colour, design, and shape variations | Round or Square
      • Volume | ± 350ml
      • Packed size set of 4 | H100mm x W160mm  
      • Gift box | Preused cardboard
      • See our Product Information Page for more info