Our products are unique pieces of Art which has taken time, patience and a great deal of planning.  Each of our products are handcrafted bringing you a unique, quirky, eclectic and one-of-a-kind piece. 

Most our products are created from cast-away | re-cycled glass.  Glass imperfections, scuffing and scratch marks will be visible.  All trims are hand applied and may detach or discolour over time. Artwork variations will be evident as each piece of glass is unique.  Glass selections are subject to glass availability, size, colour and cutting compatibility.  Reproduction of an identical piece is seldom achieved. 




1.1          Candle Holders


Do not lift bottle candle holders by the neck, as the necks get hot.  Use tea-light candles only. Do not place tea-light near the sides of the glass as this may cause cracking.


1.2        Colour Filled Products


Some products are colour filled.  These products are NOT dishwasher safe.  Clean by using a lukewarm solution of soapy water or a clean damp soft cloth to gently wipe clean.


1.3        Drinkware | Bowls | Jars


Wash ALL products before use.  Glassware is dishwasher safe when packed in the top drawer.  Refer above for Colour Filled Products.


1.4        Lighting



All electrical fittings have been sourced from Australian Approved Suppliers and are Tagged and Tested by an Approved Electrician.  Use only 25-Watt Antique Filament light bulbs or similar in Table Lamps.


Battery Operated

Twinkle lights are sourced from Local and International suppliers.  Use 3 x AA or 3 x AAA batteries as specified on housing.  Batteries are not included.  Replacement Twinkle Lights can be purchased from select local outlets.


1.5        Timber


Most our timber accessories are re-cycled | salvaged timber which we have gathered from fallen trees and | or demolition sites.  Natural timber has been oil treated.  Although every effort has been made to reduce the cracking of natural timber - cracking, expansion or contraction may occur in dry or wet conditions.  Oil timber with food grade oil to keep your products lustre.


We also use locally sourced suppliers of finished timber products. 

2.0        NEW PRODUCTS


From time to time we create pieces from locally and internationally sourced suppliers.  Manufacture specifications will be noted where possible.





Decorative Sand-etched (sandblasted) products will show fingerprints when handled.  Gently wash finger marks, grease, and wax off your product by using a lukewarm solution of soapy water or a light spray of good quality glass cleaner with a soft lint-free glass cloth.